Salmon Strongholds: Western States

Salmon strongholds represent watersheds that have high abundance, productivity, and diversity of wild, anadromous salmonids, as well as habitat quality or other biological attributes important to sustaining viable salmonid populations throughout their range. Since 2008, local, state, federal, NGO, and Tribal partners have collaborated on the scientific identification of salmon strongholds by participating in regional assessments of wild populations throughout California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. These assessments determine the strong populations within defined eco-regions (shown with white borders on the map). The presence of strong populations, coupled with existing habitat data, drive stronghold identification.

The North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership, which developed and oversees the stronghold identification process, has reviewed and approved strongholds in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. In the future, each state will review and revise its stronghold boundaries as it deems appropriate, according to changing environmental conditions and the availability of new data.

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