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The Next Decade

The Next Decade

Wild Salmon Center’s success over the last two and half decades has been built around a core mission-protecting salmon strongholds for the benefit of natural and human communities that depend on these magnificent wild fish. But we are always refining our tactics for getting there, whether it’s embracing new scientific approaches, or developing novel coalitions.

As we look forward over the next decade here are some of the most important frontiers of work we’re opening up, as we seek to strengthen the greatest remaining Pacific salmon rivers in the face of a growing human population, increasing demand for mineral resources and seafood, and a rapidly changing climate.

Strongholds for the future:

Doubling Down on Strongholds.
The Stronghold Fund is a new resource that will support major partnership initiatives around the Pacific. We’re answering the call for rapid response during critical campaigns and aiming to support high leverage endeavors that require long-term stability. Find out more about The Stronghold Fund.

Mobilizing the Salmon Army.
Whether it’s rallying the public behind a ballot initiative in Alaska, bringing conservationists and commercial fishermen together in Sakhalin Island, or building a new catch-and-release fly fishing constituency in Khabarovsk, we are helping mobilize salmon advocates to support pro-fish, clean water policies. Find out more about our core partners.

Weathering Climate Change.
Wild salmon won’t be able to weather climate change without intact stronghold rivers. Our science network is working to identify the effects of climate change on everything from Oregon Coast coho habitat and Alaskan flood scenarios to glacier retreat on the West Coast. A clear-eyed view of salmon watershed futures will help fisheries managers and forest planners maintain productive salmon habitat.

Strengthening Life History Diversity.
Salmon life history diversity is a key strategy to adapt to a changing landscape. We are working to understand the effects of genetics and environmental triggers on salmon survival strategy. Find out more about our recent science initiatives.

Learn more about our recent accomplishments and strategies for the next decade in our 2017 Annual Report.

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