Ways to Donate

Legacy Gifts

Ways to Donate

Legacy Gifts

Create your legacy of healthy wild salmon rivers.

For more than 30 years, Wild Salmon Center has worked to conserve the North Pacific’s last, best wild salmon and steelhead rivers. Our goal is to permanently safeguard these extraordinary watersheds today — before they’re irreparably damaged.

Making a bequest to WSC — or designating us as a beneficiary of your charitable remainder trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy — are meaningful ways to show your commitment to the rivers and forests that mean the most to you. They are gifts that costs nothing today, but have a considerable impact for wild salmon and steelhead strongholds for generations to come. 

If you’ve already included WSC in your estate plans, please let us know by filling out this form, or by contacting Kim Kosa at (971) 255-5562 or

Ready to get started?

You can:

  • Use FreeWill to create a will in 20 minutes or less using our unique link for WSC supporters. This tool is cost-free whether or not you choose to include a legacy gift to WSC, and can help create a fully valid will or guide you through initial planning before finding a lawyer near you.

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Below, hear about one donor’s connection to WSC and the impact of his family’s bequest on our efforts to safeguard rivers, forests, and wild fish: