Ways to Donate

Planned Giving

Ways to Donate

Planned Giving

Begin your legacy of healthy wild salmon rivers.

For almost 30 years, Wild Salmon Center has worked to conserve the North Pacific’s last, best wild salmon and steelhead rivers.  Our goal is to permanently safeguard these extraordinary watersheds today — before they’re irreparably damaged.

Help us achieve this vision with a planned gift to WSC. Some common options include:

  • Making a bequest to the Wild Salmon Center in your will;
  • Donating stock, land, or other assets;
  • Contributing through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF); 
  • Making a tax-free rollover gift directly from your IRA; or
  • Naming WSC as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan.

To get started with a bequest to WSC, you can contact your financial adviser and provide our Sample Bequest Language.

To learn more — or to tell us about your existing plans — please contact Kim Kosa at (971) 255-5562 or

Help plan for your future with FreeWill 

WSC has also partnered with FreeWill to provide a free and easy tool to begin writing your will — an important plan to have in place whether you’re 30 or 80 years of age. Just use our unique link for WSC supporters to get started. This tool is cost-free whether or not you choose to include WSC in your estate plans, and can be used to create a fully valid legal will or guide you through the planning process before finding a lawyer near you.

Wild Salmon Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and our Tax ID is 94-3166095. WSC respects the privacy of its donors and is committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all fundraising efforts. Read more about our donor privacy policy.

Wild Salmon Center has received consistently high ratings for sound fiscal management from Charity Navigator.