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Core Partners & Coalitions

How can we ensure that the Pacific’s great stronghold rivers survive, so that we can deliver them to the next generation? The answer lies in large part with strong community-based organizations. They have the knowledge and authenticity to navigate local politics, and the ability to leverage residents’ passion for their home waters. They are the first and last line of defense.

Wild Salmon Center focuses on supporting local partners on stronghold rivers. WSC has helped create 13 organizations and supported dozens more over the years. We provide funding, legal support, communications strategy, scientific expertise—whatever they need. Our job is to help these groups secure a future for salmon.

  • Skeena River© Ken Morrish
    Core Partners & Coalitions


    Mobilizing local communities, First Nations, and conservation advocates to protect the Skeena SkeenaWild Conservation Trust was formed in 2007 as a regional conservation initiative with the goal of making the Skeena …

  • Queets River, Olympic Peninsula, Washington© Larry Workman
    Core Partners & Coalitions

    Washington Coast Salmon Partnership

    The Washington Coast contains 50% of the state’s non-endangered salmon and steelhead runs. Protecting these salmon strongholds offers a cost-effective and efficient path to achieve wild salmon recovery in Washington. The …

  • Guido Rahr
    Core Partners & Coalitions

    Coastal Rivers Conservancy

    Wild Salmon Center and a small group of concerned stakeholders helped establish a new organization, Coastal Rivers Conservancy (CRC), to focus on the long-term protection of wild salmon and steelhead ecosystems …

  • Ken Morrish
    Core Partners & Coalitions

    Babine River Foundation

    In 2019 the Wild Salmon Center launched the Babine Partnership in collaboration with the Babine River Foundation to advance our shared conservation goals in the Babine. The Babine River, a …

  • Boomerang
    Core Partners & Coalitions


    For two decades, Boomerang Club’s mission has been to teach human respect for nature. Since 2001, Boomerang chair Valentina Mezentseva and her colleagues have stepped up to fill knowledge gaps …

  • Susitna aerial with Denali in background© Ryan Peterson
    Core Partners & Coalitions

    Susitna River Coalition

    The Susitna River Coalition includes a growing community that supports a free-flowing Susitna River and the strong fisheries and recreational and tourism economy it sustains. The coalition is now more than 16,000 individuals, groups, …