Every campaign we work on starts with pride of place. Someone stands up and says their river is too valuable to mine, dredge or poison. From there, a movement is born.  And we join these movements on the best salmon rivers around the Pacific—salmon strongholds.

We work with people and coalitions up and down the West Coast of North America to stop reckless development and permanently safeguard salmon strongholds. We provide funding, legal support, communications strategy, scientific expertise—whatever campaigns need to win.

Here you’ll find the latest campaigns we’re working on. Please read on and join the movement for salmon and salmon people everywhere.

  • Susitna River Alaska

    Susitna River

    The Susitna region is home to Alaska’s 4th-best Chinook salmon run and prime hunting and recreation lands. Recent proposals for development put it all in jeopardy.

  • Campaigns

    Coastal Restoration

    On the Oregon and Washington Coasts, WSC is working to restore salmon and steelhead streams impacted by more than 160 years of logging, mining, road building, and other development. With significant federal and state funding now flowing to these projects, our work with coastal partners is delivering real benefits. 

  • Campaigns

    Cold Water Connection

    WSC is working with partners on the Washington Coast to remove mini-dams and reconnect the coldest, cleanest rivers on the Olympic Peninsula–helping salmon and steelhead return home.

  • Campaigns

    Coast Coho Partnership

    The goal of the Coast Coho Partnership is to accelerate the recovery of Oregon’s two coast coho runs so that wild coho salmon can once again support recreational and commercial fisheries, promoting vibrant coastal communities.

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    Oregon Water Initiative

    Wild Salmon Center’s Oregon Water Initiative is focused on improving Oregon’s water rights system and finding solutions that make sense for all water users, while protecting streamflow for the state’s prized wild salmon.

  • Idiot Creek Oregon

    Tillamook Rainforest

    The North Coast forests hold six extraordinary wild salmon rivers, and they deserve balanced management to protect all of their natural and economic benefits.

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    Chehalis River

    A proposed dam threatens Washington’s Chehalis River. But a more comprehensive approach to restoration would solve salmon habitat and flood problems.

  • Skeena Watershed

    Skeena River

    The Skeena watershed, with a drainage the size of Switzerland, produces some of the world’s largest Chinook and steelhead. WSC is working with our BC partners to protect the Skeena and its tributaries from the growing threat of large-scale energy and development projects.

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    International Taimen Initiative

    Through community involvement, education and science-based strategies to identify and protect taimen strongholds, we have an important opportunity to protect this critically endangered, flagship species.

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    First Salmon, Last Chance

    Spring Chinook are the early returners that are the beating heart of complex food webs that sustain species like the Salish Sea’s resident orcas and center salmon communities like the Yurok and Karuk people of Northern California. In the Pacific Northwest, spring Chinook transcend the iconic. They are our identity. And after 150 years of increasing, unprecedented threats, they are on the brink of extinction.