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Funder Spotlight: Natural Systems Design

Funder Spotlight: Natural Systems Design

Nobody knows rivers quite like the folks at Natural Systems Design.

Natural Systems Design is an environmental engineering firm based in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in the restoration of rivers, shorelines, and wetlands. Founded in 2003, the firm’s design approach adheres to the philosophy that clean water and functional natural processes are critical to sustaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem. The firm does everything from engineering log jams to enhance habitat complexity to designing riparian zones and instream spawning and rearing habitat for fish. Its projects take staff to urban streams, large rivers and their tributaries, estuaries, and along shorelines to restore watershed processes.

Environmental stewardship is part of both the personal ethos of NSD’s employees and its business philosophy. Because of NSD’s deep connection to place and watershed conservation, it encourages employees to nominate nonprofits for annual gifts, which is how the firm came to support Wild Salmon Center’s work in 2020.

“I’ve been a fan of Wild Salmon Center’s work for a while,” said Leif Emberston, NSD’s President. “While our work at NSD is essential to restore function back to watersheds that have been degraded, WSC’s proactive strategy to get in and protect wild salmon rivers before the damage is done and while those systems are still intact is a refreshing approach to conservation. Their work gives me hope.”

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Photo taken during pre-COVID field work in Washington.

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