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Our Conservation Partnerships in Russia

Our Conservation Partnerships in Russia

Wild Salmon Center’s statement in light of the unfolding war in Ukraine.

Less than two weeks after the Wild Salmon Center celebrated the designation of two major protected areas in the Russian Far East, we watched in horror as Russian troops invaded Ukraine. It’s been a heartbreaking time for all of humanity.  

As difficult as it is, we’re staying focused on our mission.

Across the great arc of Pacific salmon from California to Asia, Wild Salmon Center exists to protect globally important salmon ecosystems, share knowledge, and help local partners take care of their home rivers. We are all salmon people, at one level or another. As long as we all need healthy forests, cold clean rivers, and thriving salmon—all of which support human and ecosystem health, economies, food security, and cultures—our work across boundaries will remain important.

We are as committed as ever to local salmon champions in Russia.

That means we are as committed as ever to local salmon champions in Russia, and we will continue to support them to protect rivers like the Koppi, the Nabil, the Nimelin, and the Kol. After three decades of work with Russian partners, we’ve assured them that we will continue our relationships—in whatever form that can take—for the long-term.

In this time of uncertainty, we at Wild Salmon Center feel grateful for our global community of supporters who join us on this journey to protect and restore the places that sustain all of us.