Blackbaud Cyber Security Incident

On July 16th, 2020 Wild Salmon Center was made aware by our third-party vendor, Blackbaud, that they had experienced a cyber security incident in May of 2020. Blackbaud is a cloud computing provider that serves the social good community through customer relationship management and financial services tools. Wild Salmon Center was notified that we were among a significant number of their clients that were impacted by Blackbaud’s cyber security incident.

After learning of Blackbaud’s incident, WSC began an investigation to determine what, if any, sensitive data was possibly impacted. After thorough review and consultation, Blackbaud and their third-party investigative team have assured us that the incident did not result in the breach of sensitive information, including bank account information and credit card numbers stored in our database. While the security incident happened to a third-party vendor, WSC staff have consulted with Blackbaud and our contracted IT team to ensure that our data security and management practices are up to date and secure.

While no banking or financial data was part of the breach, WSC takes this incident and our data security very seriously. Our team continues to monitor any updates surrounding the incident from Blackbaud. If you have any questions about the incident or WSC’s response to it, please reach out to us at

If you wish to learn more information about the incident, here is a link to Blackbaud’s statement and ongoing protocols to maintain data security.