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Pebble Mine Review Needs to Be Halted

Pebble Mine Review Needs to Be Halted

Huffman Amendment safeguards Bristol Bay; Army Corp recklessly fast-tracking the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay, Alaska is perhaps the most important salmon region on Earth. But the proposed Pebble Mine directly threatens the region’s world class salmon rivers. And the Army Corps of Engineers is dangerously fast-tracking Pebble.

On February 20, 2019, the Army Corps released the draft environmental impact statement for Pebble —a toxic open-pit mine in Bristol Bay’s headwaters. It appears that in this draft impact statement, the Army Corps has allowed Pebble Partnership and consultants to cut every scientific and statistical corner possible in the development of its permitting materials—all to expedite a predetermined permit approval for Pebble.

Bristol Bay, Alasksa bear
A brown bear nabs a salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska | © Dave McCoy

This follows two years of Pebble lobbying political appointees in the administration, to fast track the mine. Pebble proponents have disregarded years of peer-reviewed science and accumulated knowledge on Bristol Bay within the federal government. They are also running roughshod over the residents of Alaska, where a solid majority of citizens opposes the mine, and they are silencing the millions of Americans who have supported strong protections for Bristol Bay over the last several years.

Read More >> Pebble has worked every political angle to circumvent longstanding laws for permitting a mine.

The Huffman Amendment now before the House would pause the permitting process and send Pebble back to the drawing board. It’s the only way to ensure a thorough, comprehensive review to match this outstanding natural resource.  That has been the demand of the residents of Alaska and millions across the country who care about this place and earn a livelihood from it.

It’s time to vote Yes on the Huffman Amendment to protect Bristol Bay.

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