Atlas of Conservation Values

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in Western Oregon provide multiple ecological, economic, and cultural values for local communities, the state, and the nation. In addition to supporting critical fish and wildlife habitat, they provide timber and other goods that support jobs and provide income to counties. These lands are also critical sources of clean water for communities and provide opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

The Nature Conservancy and Wild Salmon Center produced the Atlas of Conservation Values on Bureau of Land Management Holdings in Western Oregon to provide an overview of these values. The Atlas uses a portion of the 57 datasets compiled by The Nature Conservancy and Wild Salmon Center in an accompanying geodatabase.

The geodatabase can be used to assess conservation values on BLM’s holdings in Western Oregon, and in combination with other economic and social data sets in can be used to evaluate potential trade-offs associated with proposals to alter management of these lands. Users can query the datasets and produce maps and figures from the geodatabase. Download the zipped geodatabase.


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