Identification and Prioritization of Salmon Tributaries for Conservation in the Hoh River Basin

The rivers draining the west side of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula still contain large tracts of pristine temperate rainforest and continue to sustain a diversity of wild salmon and steelhead populations. These rivers’ wild salmon populations are some of the healthiest remaining in the contiguous United States and represent core centers of salmon diversity, abundance, and
productivity—they are Salmon Strongholds.

The purpose of this report is to prioritize Hoh River tributaries for conservation actions by identifying critical rearing and spawning habitat of salmon and steelhead. Successfully sustaining wild salmon will depend on the maintenance and improvement of current biological conditions in relatively healthy watersheds, as well as the restoration of altered freshwater habitats and implementation of improved regulatory measures that benefit overall ecosystem productivity. Explicit restoration and regulatory needs are beyond the scope of this document.

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