Regional Limiting Factors Affecting Salmon Strongholds and Programmatic Approaches to Remediation

The purpose of the Salmon Stronghold Partnership is to identify and protect a network of the healthiest remaining wild Pacific salmon ecosystems in North America to ensure the long-term survival of salmon, steelhead and the many species that depend on them. The Stronghold Partnership is a voluntary, incentive-based effort intended to supplement ongoing ecosystem protection and restoration efforts by providing leadership, enhanced coordination and public and private resources to support priority actions in and across salmon strongholds. The Partnership includes local communities, state and federal agencies, tribes, nonprofit organizations, and private landowners who are working collaboratively on salmon conservation and restoration activities across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Alaska.

The purpose of this document is to briefly describe “multi-state and programmatic initiatives”, which can be supported through funds appropriated under the Pacific Salmon Stronghold Conservation Act. The objective is to ensure a shared understanding of the term “programmatic” among Steering Committee members, who will be responsible for evaluating proposals seeking support for programmatic initiatives.

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