Oregon Stronghold Identification

In 2008, the North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership (Stronghold Partnership) established a process to evaluate wild Pacific salmon populations throughout North America with a goal of scientifically identifying “wild salmon strongholds.” While the criteria used to evaluate populations has been applied consistently across the Pacific Northwest and California, the processes and forums used for this assessment have varied by state. This report summarizes the process used to evaluate wild populations in Oregon, and the steps taken to identify and formally recognize the state’s salmon strongholds.

Similar to the processes in California, Washington, and Idaho, the results of Oregon’s efforts to identify strongholds represent a snapshot in time. The impacts of climate change, habitat restoration, changes in land use, revisions to hatchery and harvest practices, and natural population fluctuations will all continue to modify population strength and watershed condition. In addition, ongoing population monitoring will continue to improve our ability to evaluate population status and trends. Consequently, the strongholds of today may not be the strongholds of the future. The Stronghold Partnership will continue to review and refine the Stronghold map as desired by the states.

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