First Salmon, Last Chance

This ambitious, multi-part story series focuses on spring Chinook right as the species nears extinction. We unlock genetic secrets, explore ancient history, meet fascinating people, and interrogate a shattering question: will we be the last humans to live with the first salmon?

Climate Resilience

How will existing salmon strongholds hold up under a new level of climate pressure? Are your fish and rivers ready? Get the Wild Salmon Center framework for climate change resilience.

WSC 2019 Annual Report

WSC looks at new efforts to understand and restore wild salmon populations’ ability to adapt, with an eye to boost their adaptive superpower in the face of a new threat—climate change.

Forest Bill Press Release 6.26.20

Breakthrough Forest Bill Passes Oregon Legislature
Special session legislation codifies historic agreement between conservationists and industry, bolsters pesticide protections and sets stage for further forest reform

Russian Salmon Primer

A Salmon Primer (or “Azbuka”) by children and for children was published by our partners in Sovetskaya Gavan, Russia. Learn more about it here. Download Primer.