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Coastal Rivers Conservancy


Coastal Rivers Conservancy

Coastal Rivers Conservancy (CRC) is Wild Salmon Center’s strategic partner working on the
long-term protection of wild salmon and steelhead ecosystems in British Columbia’s inner
central coast. That area includes the Dean River, Fitz Hugh Sound, Bentick Arms, and the Fisher,
Burke and Dean marine channels.

CRC takes a collaborative approach to address complex fisheries management, habitat, and
development issues that impact BC’s inner central coast ecosystem and communities. The
organization cooperates with First Nations, NGOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders
to develop and maintain up-to-date knowledge of salmon and steelhead stocks and to implement
protections that lead to their best possible long-term health.

The organization works closely with Wild Salmon Center’s science team to build knowledge in
the region to guide fisheries management. WSC Science Director Dr. Matthew Sloat serves as
CRC’s science advisor.

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