Pink Salmon© Barrie Kovish

Sakhalin Fishery Enters MSC Assessment

Sakhalin Fishery Enters MSC Assessment

Russian fishing companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.

Pink salmon wave, Sakhalin, Russia
Pink salmon are one of the most commercially viable of the Pacific salmon species. The MSC full assessment on Sakhalin points to a growing wave of interest in Russia to promote sustainable fisheries | © Sakhalin Environment Watch

After more than two years of preparatory work, 11 fishing companies that annually harvest up to 21,000 metric tons of pink salmon, have stepped forward to enter the full assessment phase of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification process.

“The MSC certification program is the gold standard eco-label for commercial fisheries worldwide and will provide significant market advantages for Sakhalin’s fisheries that are awarded the label,” said Sergei Didenko of the Sakhalin Salmon Initiative Center, a co-client of the MSC assessment.

In September 2009, the Iturup Island pink and chum fishery became the first Russian fishery — and the first salmon fishery since Alaska — to receive the MSC certification. The certification organization anticipates that the assessment will be completed by late 2011.

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