Sockeye salmon split level shot© Michael Wihelm

Video: Wild Salmon of the Pacific

Video: Wild Salmon of the Pacific

Salmon face an incredible journey, migrating from freshwater to the ocean, across borders, through cities, public and private lands, farms, and timber forests. From nursery to ocean and back, salmon face hydroelectric dams, mining, erosion, competition from hatchery fish, over fishing, loss of habitat, poaching and give their life so that the next generation can thrive.

Salmon are resilient, but man-made obstacles combined with the threat of climate change may be more than they can handle. In this short film produced in conjunction with the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), Wild Salmon Center explores what we can do to affect the future of not only salmon, but the future of all the species that depend on them, including our own.

What can you do to support wild salmon?

  • JOIN your local watershed council.
  • BUY sustainably sourced salmon.
  • ASK your elected officials to support laws that protect wild salmon.
  • SHARE with friends and family.

Have comments or questions about the film? We’d love to hear them. Email Wild Salmon Center.

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