• In our new video Finding Flow, WSC’s Oregon Water Policy Director Caylin Barter heads to southern Oregon to document the current state of rivers and streams in this rapidly changing region.

  • Forest Stories from the Tillamook

    The Tillamook Rainforest is many things to many people and creatures. In our new video series, hear from a handful of forest users on the importance of this landscape for Oregonians.

  • Life History Project

    Every salmon champion has a journey. Every journey shapes the movement. Follow the journey of three WSC staff as they found their way to salmon country.

  • Salmon Saturday Cinema

    Pop your popcorn and sit back and enjoy a little education & entertainment in the comfort of your home with #SalmonSaturdayCinema.

  • Watch: A Salmon Life

    Wild Salmon Center CEO Guido Rahr talks about a life built around salmon, rivers and the fight to protect to the North Pacific’s keystone species.

  • Anna Moore

    The Storied Nehalem

    Join us for a screening of “Nehalem: A Wild Salmon Stronghold”, and find out what’s next in the campaign to designate the Nehalem as a State Scenic Waterway.